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Chongqing Libo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It mainly produces and manages motorcycle electric starting gear, overrunning clutch, timing sprocket, automobile gear and farming machine gear series products. 

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Chongqing Libo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It mainly produces motorcycle electric start gears, overrunning clutches, timing sprocket, automobile gears and agricultural gears. Among them, motorcycle electric start gears and overrunning clutches. Timing sprocket series products have taken the leading position in the market. After more than fifteen years of hard work, the company has formed a modern manufacturing enterprise integrating market research, product development, production, sales and after-sales service.
In 2015, the company settled in the Minjiang Gear Garden with a total construction area of ​​over 40,000 square meters. It plans to build a professional manufacturer of gears for automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery and heavy-duty locomotives.
At present, the company has advanced domestic special processing, welding, tooth making, Ipsen multi-purpose furnace, mold, tooling, metallographic detection, universal tooth profile analysis and other special equipment, with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan. One of the key private enterprises in the Southern District. The company passed the ISO9001:2000 national quality system certification in 2003, and passed the ISO/TS16949:2009 national quality system certification in July 2012. The product quality has been superior to the national industry standard. During the period, the company has won many awards from the local government of Chongqing. Since the establishment of the company, our company has always been "quality first, integrity first" as the business philosophy, in order to seek a "win-win" business strategy to establish a stable customer base, and a number of well-known domestic enterprises (Xindazhou Honda, Dachangjiang, Guangzhou Haojin, Guangzhou Dayang, Taiwan Sanyang, Qianjiang Motorcycle, Chongqing Wangjiang Suzuki, Zongshen Power, Lifan, etc. have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship and won many praises. In recent years, the company has developed at a relatively fast speed. With the service concept of “providing reliable products to the society, high-quality and efficient services”, the company has set its business goal of “conquering the middle and high-end market and building a first-class brand”. market.
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